Aikibatto is a system of sword exercises, both Aikiken style bokken with partner and iaido style solo training with iaito or shinken, for learning how to handle the sword in an aiki way.

Aikibatto - the book.

Stefan Stenudd's book about Aikibatto can be ordered from Internet bookstores. In addition to what you find on this website, the book also contains chap­ters about practical and spiritual aspects of the sword arts, equip­ment for training, and how to teach and learn aikibatto. Read more about the book, by clicking on the image.

Explanations on how and why the Aikibatto system of exercises was created.

Aikibatto iai.

The similarities and differences of aikido partner sword exercises Aikiken and the traditional solo sword art of iaido. Aikibatto is intended to work both ways.

The basic principles of Aikibatto, from which the exercises have been formed, and what they are to encompass.

A table of the whole system of exercises, with links to each of them, where they are presented in detail - both by text and photos.

Here are video clips of the duo style exercises with a partner, both using bokken.

Here are video clips of the iai style exercises, solo with the sword.

Continuous listing of updates and changes to this site and the Aikibatto exercises, in order of date.

Terms of Aikibatto, Aikiken and Iaido, explained and/or translated into English.

Aikibatto in Slovak.

Now, these Aikibatto pages exist in a Slovak version, made by my dear friends in the SSPA Slovak aikido organization.

Exercises with JO, the staff, corresponding to the sword exercises. Uke attacks with a sword, and tori uses a jo.

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Buy a sharp steel sword.

Buy a sharp steel katana sword for your iaido or aikibatto solo exercises. It does not need to cost more than $ 690. Here is how.

My webpages about aikido, with lots of texts and photos. Do visit it, if you are interested in aikido as well.

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